Marsh Aya


marshayaMarsh Aya (#マーシュ彩) is a Japanese model and former member of idol band White Lace.

BirthdaySeptember 29th, 2000

BornTokyo, Japan

Famous for:  Singer, Idol, Model

Instagram: @ayamarshofficial

Twitter: #マーシュ彩



Marsh Aya’s father is from the United States and her mother is Japanese.

Marsh studied ballet for six years and appeared in a musical drama of “Anne of Green Gables”.  She was seen by a scout whilst attending a festival when she was in the second grade of elementary school.

In 2013 she joined the female idol group “FARM” which was renamed in 2014 to the “White Lace”.

In August 2015 Marsh was chosen as the exclusive model of Miss Seventeen.

In 2015 Aya appeared in a McDonalds advert for brand McSweets.

In January 2016 she put her activities in “White Lace” on hold.


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Q1. Debut of opportunity is?
When the second grade of elementary school, a scout in the festival.

Q2. Favourite food?
Favorite food, ice cream and chocolate. The food I hate is carrots.

Q3. Favorite male type
The silent type

Q4. Favorite words (motto)
Once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Q6. If you were going to use a catch phrase? The reason?
I do not know myself, but had … It is said that “at a time of idle to 1000 years.”

Q7. What you are doing for the sake of style (body building / health maintenance)?

Q8. What are you addicted to lately?
Drugstore Tour.



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