Michelle Clavette

Michelle Clavette is a famous female angler who has gained a large number of followers by posting her fishing adventures on Instagram.

Born: United States

Famous for: Angler

Instagram: @bombchelle_fishing

also known as Michelle Dalton



Michelle Clavette lives in South Florida.   Her passion in fishing started the day her father took her to fishing at the age of six.

Clavette is a professional hair colorist and goes fishing four times a week.   She posts her photos on Instagram and has attracted many followers and has become a famous female angler.

Michelle likes to travel and fish in the different waters and loves to cook and eat her catch.  Clavette has participated in several fishing contests and finished in first place in a 2014 tournament in Saint Croix.  Pelagic Gear, a performance fishing clothing and gear brand, has sponsored Michelle and she continues spreading her passion to her followers.


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