Millie Mackintosh


millieMillie Mackintosh is a fashion, fitness and beauty icon and former TV star.

BirthdayJuly 26th, 1989

BornWiltshire, United Kingdom

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: @milliemackintoshofficial



Millie Mackintosh was born in Wiltshire.  She is related to the founders of the Quality Street confectionary brand.

Millie appeared on TV screens in the Bafta award-winning Made in Chelsea which she starred in for 5 seasons.

In 2013 she married Hugo Taylor who was one of the cast members in the show and also known as rapper Professor Green.  Her marriage ended in 2016.

After the show Millie has established herself as a fashion, fitness and beauty icon.  Millie Mackintosh started her own branded clothing line.   She is also a model, with numerous global campaigns under her belt, as well as having her own jewellery collaboration and her own range of eyelashes.  She uses the hash-tag #madebymillie

Having her own collection, she states that she wants people to recognise her as a business woman, rather than being “famous for not being famous” like a former TV star.

In the future, she aims to expand her beauty line and have a boutique collection.


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GTG: What does great skincare mean to you and what products are your festival favourites?

MM: Eye masks are great for tired puffy eyes and I also like to sleep with a hydrating mask on overnight to rescue skin from dehydration. I also have a facial a couple of days beforehand as my skin can get dried out at festivals.

GTG: Back home, what hair products do you swear by?

MM: I’m good at doing everyday natural waves with my hair using a tong. I rough dry hair and then straighten it with the ghd Platinum Serene Pearl Styler. Then I tong the ends in thick sections away from my face – just the mid lengths to ends – using the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong,  That’s the only style that I can do on myself, or just straight hair.

GTG: What makes you feel good from the inside out? Are there any supplements that you take?

MM: I always use Vitamin C for my immune system. Magnesium is great for muscle recovery and calming nerves. Acidophilus is really good for digestion and 5-HTP is great for energy, particularly if you’re jet lagged.

GTG: Fashion and style-wise, what were your Coachella must-haves this year?

MM: I’m a heavy packer! Just in case, I always over pack two weeks more outfits than I need – you never know! I packed about 10 bikinis for Coachella – there are lots of pool parties and I was in LA beforehand. And they’re small, so they’re easy to pack. Plus, they double up as easy looks at festivals when it’s hot.

GTG: And finally, what does the future hold for you personally and career-wise?

MM: Lots of work! I’ve just put together my own Birchbox (out in July) and was able to create my own glossy lip crayon for their own makeup brand, Love Of Colour. I’m also going to Ibiza to shoot for my clothing line, and then I’m going to a yoga retreat with a couple of friends. The great thing is, I can work anywhere.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a guy coming up to a girl, as long as it doesn’t make her feel like embarrassed or intimidated. But, if someone just walks up to you in the street, it can be a bit like ‘don’t follow me’.

I’ve never been a fan of really cheesy chat-up lines, like that one ‘Is that a ladder in your tights or the stairway to heaven?’. Just go straight in say ‘hi can I buy you a drink?’

I went on a date with a guy wearing really bad running trainers with jeans. He made it quite clear that they were part of his style and it just put me off. He later turned out to be a massive arsehole.

I would cook a guy steak with truffle chips, and chocolate brownies for dessert. But to impress me you should cook seafood spaghetti.

Humor is the most important characteristic a guy can have. Being made to laugh makes you feel comfortable and that’s really attractive.

A beard is a good look. I prefer unshaven to clean-shaven. I think hygiene is important, but it doesn’t really bother me if a guy uses face wash or not. I don’t care if he’s obsessed with his skin.

Aftershave needs to be subtle. I like Acqua di Parma. I think it’s nice if you can smell it when you go in for hug, but you don’t want to smell it across the table.

If a guy was interested in theme parks and crazy adrenalin-junkie stuff that would be brilliant. Ideally, in a relationship, you should have all the same interests but live separate lives some of the time.

My ideal getaway? I think Istanbul is perfect for culture, but for beach breaks I’d recommend Ibiza. You can go there for a party but it’s also nice just to relax.

Pets are important. We don’t necessarily have to like the same dogs – we can try to meet in the middle – but guys need to like animals for sure.

Flowers go down well as a gift, but then they die. Diamonds are also good. But that can be quite creepy. With diamonds there’s a pressure that there’s something expected in return.

I hate that whole ‘he hasn’t called me, he hasn’t text me’. I constantly have this with my single girlfriends like ‘oh god we were meant to meet up and I haven’t heard from him’. It’s really stupid and I’ve never been into that.

I just wouldn’t be on Tinder. I think it’s kind of gross when people use it just to hook-up. It kind of takes any romance away from dating.

I think you notice a guy’s general presence first over what they’re wearing or how they’ve done their hair. A person’s aura is important.