Nanao Arai

nanao arai14Nanao is a Japenese model, TV and Movie star and  famous “Ring Girl” and Race Queen.

Birthday: October 28, 1988

Born: Saitama, Japan

Famous for:  Actress, TV star

Twitter: @nanao1028

also known as Nanaitoguchi



Nanao started entertainment activities in 2009 when she was 20 years old.  Since 2009, she has used the name “Nanao” instead of birth name “Nanao Arai”.  She was a regular model as a martial arts ring girl  and was the winner of the 2009-2010 Race Queen award which landed her  contract with Pinky magazine, which became a turning point.

She won the Miss TGC of Tokyo Girls Collection and the 2010 Sanai Mizugi Image Girl and was a fashion model for Non-no.

In 2011, she became an exclusive model for the magazine Ginger.  She appeared in various fashion magazines, television commercials, dramas, and variety shows, as well as variety shows, and has developed a wide range of activities on the stage.

Arai made her TV debut in 2012 in the television drama series Omo ni Naitemasu. Other drama series she has starred in are, Last Cinderella and Miss Pilot.

She is popular for her role in TV drama “First Class” in 2014 where she plays the part of Remie Kawashima.

Recent movie appearances:

  • Grasshopper | Gurasuhoppa (2015) – Hiyoko
  • April Fools | Eipuriru Furuzu (2015) – Reiko
  • Bali Big Brother | Kamisama wa Bali ni Iru (2015)
  • The Snow White Murder Case | Shiro Yuki Hime Satsujin Jiken (2014) – Noriko Miki


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Have you ever feel a sense of inferiority to the female friends?I, I’m delicate regardless of the apparent (laughs).  Inferiority complex is, is not it too much to say to have crazy feeling.

Do you feel in what place? It is the appearance. In particular, it was a student, it is high stature was the complex. Because it is personality that will not stop if you begin to care, starting from the height, it had been a fine thing mind like nobody cares.

Have you ever feel a sense of inferiority even now? Okay. Now I’m in the entertainment industry its like another dimension. Changing the negative ones into the positive is, I think, its important in this world.  So as not to feel a sense of inferiority.



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