Natsuki Margaret


natsuki margaretNatsuki Margaret is a Japanese model with a Scottish Canadian heritage which has given her a unique look.  She became popular when she started dating footballer Shinji Kagawa.

BirthdayMay 14th, 1992

Born: Japan

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: @maggymoon

Twitter: @mggyy

also known as Maggy, Maggy Moon, Maggy Gibb and Maggie (マギー)



Margaret Natsuki (Maggy Moon) was born in Japan and she moved to Halifax, Canada when she was about 2-3 years old after her parents divorced.  She returned to Japan to live in Kyoto at the age of 9. She can speak both English and Japanese fluently.  Her mother is Japanese while her father is a Scottish-born Canadian.

In 2008 a scout spotted her on her way home from high school and she attended the Repuro Girls audition, a model talent show to commemorate the name change from Repuro Entertainment in 2006.  It’s theme was that the judges are woman to match the contestants.   Maggy made her debut and won the  “Best Smile Award”.

Margaret became a presenter on a sporting events show for Fuji TV.

In 2011 she started dating Shinji Kagawa when she interviewed in Germany when he played with Borussia Dortmund.

In 2012 it was revealed she was dating footballer Shinji Kagawa who moved from Dortmund to Manchester United.  She moved to the UK with Kagawa.

Maggy was the cover girl for Vivi September 2015



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