Oksana Davydova


oksana davydovaOksana Davydova (ОКСАНА ДАВЬІДОВА) is a fitness athlete and participant of the IBB Tournaments for ladies, known for the Bikini Fitness cup.

Birthday: October 17th

Born:  Ukraine?

Famous for:  Fitness, Bodybuilding




Oksana Davydov, also sometimes written as Davidova, made her debut in Spring 2013 where she attended four tournaments in just six weeks.  Primarily appearing under the IBB Championships, she also attended UBPF, for the last two years winning numerous medals.

Oksana became the Silver Champion of the World Cup of Ukraine and Kiev in 2014/2015 and the bronze medal winner of the tournament World Ladies Cup.  She also took 4th place at the European Championship.


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EASTLABS.RU: What is success? What are the possible consequences have success? In order to be successful, we need some talent? How to develop such talent?
One question, the responses will be five:


Success – is a gift of God;
A dream come true;
It is God’s grace;
To love and live with the Lord in the heart.


J. M – How is your preparation?
OD – Given the results of the selection for the World Cup, the training process is planned correctly. The main focus to date do in training, nutrition and mode. In short, I go to the target.
J. M .: Tell us about your preparations for this tournament.
OD .: workouts were a lot: the strength and cardio. In fact, just over a year, I was fascinated by this sport, fitness or I can not name a bikini! One and a half hours of power plus an hour of cardio in the morning and an hour of cardio in the evening … It’s not fun (at lybaetsya. – Note. Author). And when you consider that all my coaches – professional athletes, boys, believe me, I did not have a smile, and sometimes had to cry. But sport is sport, and do not become champions of the weak. So I became stronger and more confident. And the result – it is the grace of God for their efforts, dedication and tears. Food – the most healthy, dietary virtually. I eat 6 times a day for an hour, as it should be: porridge in the morning, and then fish and grass. Three months – minus about 10 kg. But to say that I was starving, I can not. In general, the feeling of hunger, there was little. As they say, you want to eat, drink water. Plus sportpit whole assortment: BCAA, amino, glutamine, vitamins, protein is sometimes added.



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