Olivia DeJonge

dejonge3Olivia DeJonge 
is an up and coming actress from Australia, who recently appeared in a horror movie by M. Night Shyamalan. 

Birthday:  April 30, 1998

Born: Melbourne, Australia

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @olivia_dejonge



Olivia DeJonge was born to Robyn and Rob DeJonge in Melbourne, and is the oldest out of two children. In October 2003 she and her family moved to Perth Western Australia where she commenced school at Presbyterian Ladies College in Peppermint Grove, a riverside suburb of Perth.

Olivia’s first acting opportunity came when she was 8 years old, in the form of a radio voiceover for a prominent hardware chain. Since then she has become a sought after young voiceover specialist who has completed well over 40 radio advertisements.

In 2010 Olivia was offered the lead role in Maziar Lahooti’s short film the Good Pretender (2011), and Olivia won the 24th Western Australian Screen Awards Best Actress Award for her performance.

In 2014, DeJonge made her feature film debut in the film The Sisterhood of Night.  Caryn Waechter directed the film, which was released on April 10, 2015, after getting a premiere in October 2014.

In 2015, DeJonge appeared in the Australian ABC’s television drama series Hiding, on which she played on of the lead roles as Tara Swift / Shaneen Quigg.

In 2015 she appeared in M Night Shyamalan’s horrot flick The Visit.

DeJonge has been represented by the prestigious Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles since she was 12.


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Hey Olivia how are you? I imagine things have been pretty full on in the lead-up to The Visit's release?

Quite busy but I’m enjoying every moment of it, it’s really good fun. As my work has built up there has been more of it. But I haven’t had that much as much as I have now with The Visit which is exciting.

Congratulations on the film -  I got to watch it last week it was awesome. I like my horror movies so it's always good to find a new good one. I was reading about the audition process which seemed pretty simple, but what was it like shooting the actual film itself and working with M. Night Shyamalan and also Ed as well?

It was very, very busy. Yeah really busy. We were at this beautiful townhouse or this sort of house in the middle of nowhere. It was the coldest winter in Philadelphia in 30 years so it was freezing! Night is an incredible director. He’s very hands on, very friendly, very genuine. Knows exactly what he wants. He’s a perfectionist but in the best of ways and he has taught me so much about the craft which, you know, it is an absolute honour to work with him as a director. Ed is like an old man in a little boy's body. Very mature, very easy to work with. He’s an absolute… yeh he’s a legend. It was such a fun shoot.

Your's and Ed's relationship on screen seemed very natural. You two as brother and sister, you had no trouble believing it.

Absolutely not. As soon as we met we clicked.

I recognized Ed but I couldn’t pick were from, then I realised you guys were both from Australia which is pretty crazy.

Yeah I know. [M. Night] didn’t actually know he’d cast two Australians. I think they did like a worldwide search and ended up with two Australians which is crazy!

His place on the film is a bit of comic relief I guess. You’ve done a couple of scary movies now, do you feel like having that kind of element in there is really important with scary movies as sort of a tension relief being able to laugh every now and then?

Absolutely. I think that’s what is really authentic and different about this film is that it has the genuine dynamic between thriller and comedy if you know what I mean? You can have horror comedies that are a bit slapstick but this one is genuinely scary and genuinely very funny which makes it very, very different to lots of other heavy genre films that are coming out at the moment and I think, definitely, it brings a lot of relief to the audience when you're going from laughter to screams and I guess it makes the screaming even better when you're going from such a happy place to such a freaked out place.

Yeh totally, you feel like that in the screening. There’s a lot of laugh out loud moments and genuine jump in your seat moments amongst it all. Your character in the movie is a little film buff; she loves documentaries and stuff like that. Is that part of you as a person? Is that the kind of thing that interests you as well?

Yeah absolutely. Becca is like a little reflection of Night in a way...

Yeh I was going to ask that...

Yeah very much. She is a reflection of Night and his younger self so I had to work very 
closely with him in order to capture that sort of level of professionalism and that level of maturity I guess in her in so far as her knowledge of the film industry. You know, she knows all the lingo, and she knows how to work a camera so we had to work that out which I wasn’t very good at to start with but, yeah it's absolutely an avenue I’d love to go down in the future. Something that you know... Jodie Foster has done amazing things with her career working both behind and in front of the camera so that’s something I’d love to be able to follow.

You mentioned how much she knows about the technical side of things, was it kind of difficult to balance having that knowledge of things but not coming off as knowing too much. Because you’re still a 15 year old girl…

Yeah, that was one of the big sort of conceits Night and I had to get over - making her sort of knowledgeable and put together but not disliked by the audience, if you know what I mean? So there had to be that level where the audience liked her but also needed to see how much that she knew. She couldn’t come off as a know-it-all but she had to come off as knowledgeable. So it was a very delicate balance. It was a challenge for me but Night worked very closely with me and pushed me to reach that and hopefully I did.

Things came off in the film so I think you guys nailed it pretty well. And how was it working with Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie (the grandparents)?

Oh they’re lovely. They’re not at all like they are on screen. As soon as we yelled “CUT” they were so sweet. So nice, very, very knowledgeable. I mean they’ve both, Dianna particularly, is an amazing stage actor and I particularly, and I think Ed did too, learnt so much off the both of them. They would come to set and they would just nail it every single time. We both admired them very highly.

You’ve done a couple of thriller/horror movies. Is that a genre you enjoy playing roles in? Or what other stuff would you like to get involved in?

Absolutely! It's always a great genre to play in but I’m very open to other genres if I have the opportunity to partake in films of other genres. But at the moment, yeah, I’ve been really interested in horror/thrillers. They’ve been good fun.



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