Patty Monroe

Patty Monroe4Patty Monroe
is a South African Hip-Hop artist who released her first single “High Fashion” in 2015.

Birthday: ?

Born: Cape Town, South Africa

Famous for:  Singer, Music Artist

Twitter: @MissPattyMonroe

real name Megan Steenkamp



Patty Monroe is the stage name for Megan Steenkamp.  Patty was a nickname she received in school.

Patty was raised in Southfield Retreats, south of Cape Town in South Africa.  She is the youngest of three children.

Her desire to become a hip-hop musician grew from watching her brother who was an MC, who took her to a Night of the Beat Bangers event at the age of 15.

She auditioned at MTV Base’s VJ search and a correspondent watched her randomly freestyling and then wanted her to record sessions at Karimore Studio in Cape Town.  She declined as she wanted to concentrate on her studies.

Patty made her own EP after which was picked up by hip-hop artist GSuspect.  Famous House musician DJ Culoe De Song produced her first track High Fashion.

Patty Monroe is signed with Afterlife Talent.

So far she has released five tracks;

High Fashion
Looking Fresh
Gamecity Life
whatever man


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This blonde bombshell wants to model her music after something that isn’t often celebrated: being true to oneself. We spoke to the up-and-coming 19-year-old Capetonian rapper:

C24: Tell us more about yourself, where did you musical journey start.

PM: I’m just a young girl from Cape Town with some very big dreams, performing for people has always been in my blood. When I was in school my friends said I should be a singer, but then my brother put me on to Hip-Hop and I have not looked back since.

C24: Who are your musical inspirations?

PM: People who inspire me would be Godessa, Eryka Badu, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, Youngsta, AKA, Kid Ink, Wale … There are just so many, oh and Frank Sinatra, Jhene Aiko for sure.

C24: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

PM: Definitely Pharrell and because they are always pushing boundaries. I would love to work with them, just for that studio time with them and to get a glimpse into how their minds work…that would be amazing!

C24: What is your take on SA acts opening up for international artists?

PM: I have the perfect quote from my latest single Stay Focused, “they say what you envision, is what you attract, I see myself performing as a Headline Act”.

C24: Do you feel any pressure to compete in a “male” dominated game?

PM: I don’t really see this as a competition. The pressure that I feel comes from within me, to grow as a songwriter and a performer and to become the best me I can be.

C24: Your favourite song to listen to?

PM: That would depend on my mood, I have a catalogue of playlists for each and every mood. Music is always my best friend, and yes my best friend is a bit of a schizo.

C24 If you could compare yourself to an established artist, who would it be?

PM: Being interviewed by Channel24 makes me established, LOL, so I would compare myself to me.

C24: Describe your sound in one sentence.

PM: A sassy eclectic journey into the mind of a born free.

C24: Best music video you’ve seen?

PM: Besides High Fashion, definitely Michael Jackson’s Rock My World, it’s a video I can watch over and over again.

C24: What was your inspiration for the music video High Fashion?

PM: Just bright colours, Culoe De Song said, “This song needs a video with bright colours” just after we finished recording. I asked my people on Facebook and they all had similar advice, so we thought bright colours and the rest just fell into place.

C24: What’s next for you?

PM: To take over the world, Pinky, to take over the world!


OM – How would you describe your style?

PM – Fun, spontaneous, vibrant and colourful. It matches my personality, think jelly tots.

OM – What difficulties have you faced as a female MC?

PM –  The same as anyone entering a new industry. All you want is for people to take you seriously. And recognise the art in the music. If I decide to show some skin, I am doing it for myself I can’t be be responsible for other peoples actions but my own, so what I do to get my music I do it decide.

OM – What influences or informs your music?

PM – Whatever is going on in my life, the people I spend my time with and my heart.

OM – Going into a platform like The Durban July, what do you expect from this?

PM – I don’t want to put expectations on anything in my life, but all I can hope for is that the people are able to relate to my music.

OM – Where would you like to see your career going as a Hip-Hop artist?

PM – I want to be the one women that makes her mark in the industry and have people look at my career as a blueprint.

OM – Name five of your favourite SA Hip Hop track.

PM – The Saga – Anatii, Salutas – Youngsta, Seven – KiD X ,Mahambayedwa Khuli Chana

OM – If you weren’t an MC/Hip Hop artist what profession would you be in?

PM – In the profession of healing people. Some way some how.

OM – What is success you?

PM – When expensive becomes cheap lol. When I’m able to not stress about the next and can just be happy with what I have.

GLAMOUR: Your video for your song ‘High Fashion’ is very colourful and playful with your gorgeous hair bouncing all over the place, how do you take care of your hair? Afro’s have been said to be very high maintenance.

Patty: Thank you I’m glad you like the video. Noooooo, its not high maintenance at all! With my hair it’s the complete opposite, doing anything else with my hair takes lots of time, a nice deep moisturizSer once in a while, and me and the curls are good.

GLAMOUR: Besides listening to and being inspired by the likes of Mos Def, Da Brat, MC Lyte and The Roots, are there any local hip hop artists that inspire you and that you listen to?

Just a few months ago I would of struggled with this question, but since moving to Jo’Burg I have been exposed to so much more. Listening and getting to see live, I’m very inspired by People like Khuli Chana, AKA, Youngsta, Anatii, Gigi Lamayne, and Busiswa, Aewon Wolf, Blayze,  Riky Rick, OkMalumeKoolKat, in fact the whole Boyznbucks movement.

GLAMOUR: Megan Steenkamp is your birth name, how did you choose your stage name to be Patty Monroe?

I feel like both names where given to me; Megan Steenkamp by my parents and Patty was my nickname in school. Patty was always that crazy girl thats always laughing and would be running around having fun at school . For some reason the name Patty stuck and a while later friends started noticing my fascination with everything vintage and old school and Classic and so they added the Monroe and here she is today.

GLAMOUR: You’ve performed at the same event with other artists in the music industry such as Bucie, Black Motion and Dj Dimplez. Do you feel the pressure when having to share a the stage and rub shoulders with artists that are well established in the industry already?

It’s been quite a ratanga junction of a few months, but pressure from my peers is not the problem. It’s the pressure of performing to so many people. I feel blessed to perform on stages with amazing artists with such vast experience. In fact if anything watching them perform relieves the pressure some what, I just observe and learn and then jump up there and try and be the best me I can be. The pressure is in my head, when I get on stage I want to show perfection and I want everyone there to have as much fun as I have performing. 

GLAMOUR: What are some of the difficulties that young female emcee’s like yourself face in this male dominated industry?

The biggest difficulty is having to answer this question, like feeling that we have already been sidelined because we are female. Female emcee’s just sounds like it’s niche, we don’t wanna be niche, we want to be mainstream, our difficulties are the same as any other artist, to be taken seriously and  to get our voices heard.

GLAMOUR: How was working with internationally acclaimed house Dj Culoe De Song when he produced your song ‘High Fashion’?

Oh my word, it just felt so natural working with him. High Fashion was exactly what I had been looking for, something out the box, with a sprinkle of energy, a dash of youthfulness, coated by a driving force of dance and he blended it all in with my words and voice. It took a while for it to soak in that it was even me, like this was MY song, It was an absolutely amazing experience

GLAMOUR: Would you say you’re more of a girly girl, a tomboy or a mix of both?How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is like me lol, very young and still finding itself. I’m definitely a mix of both, I’m the girl that wants to kick a ball in the road with a few peeps and I’m also the girl that spends hours in front of the mirror playing dress up, putting on a nice pair of heels and going out to dance.  The me that I like the most is the barefoot on the beach in my bather me, man do I miss the beach…

GLAMOUR: You’re turning 21 next year, are you excited for adulthood and all the responsibilities that come with it?

Responsibilities… Oh boy… 21 means I’m a big girl, I’m ready for it, but I’m going to enjoy this last year of being a kid, actually I’m not sure it will my last, I’m just going to be a 21 year old kid, every year forever and ever.

GLAMOUR: Where do you see Patty Monroe in the next 5 years?

Lol turning 21 again, but with at least two albums under her belt and going to get another passport because this one was full of stamps from all the places she has been to see and perform in. In Five years time I want to hear my name mentioned when new artists are asked who inspires them, yeah that would be lekker…

GLAMOUR: Social Media is a great tool to communicate with your fan base as an artist, you asked your fans on twitter to assist you with ideas for the concept of your high fashion video. How important is communication between an artist and their fanbase?

I did, it was very fun, and also cool to see that everyone immediately said bright colors, it shows that they saw the same visuals as my team, so yeah It’s very important… Wait is there an ask the audience option here, can I put this question on Twitter and ask them what they think lol

Quick-fire questions…

My ultimate holiday destination would be…

 …Anywhere with lots of beaches

I could not imagine my life without… 


My favourite show to watch on tv is…

…Hmmm what day are we talking about? Lol




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