Paulina Chapko


Paulina ChapkoPaulina Chapko is a Polish actress and star of the movie “11 minutes” released in the US in 2016.

Birthday15th November 1985

Born: Nowy Sacz, Poland

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @paulina.chapko



Pauline Chapko was born in Poland.  She has a twin called Carolina Chapko who is also an actress.

In 2008 Chapko graduated from the Acting Department of the State Higher Theatre School in Ludwik Solski,  Krakow.  

She won the award of the Minister of Culture and the National Heritage awarded during the XXVI Festival of Theatre Schools playing the role of Jany in the presentation of “Ordinary madness” in 2008.

She went on to perform in theatres such as the Polish Theatre in Wroclaw and the Theatre Scena STU in Krakow.  She also starred small roles on TV from 2008 such as the series ‘Time of Honor’.

In 2015 she landed her first major movie role in ’11 minutes’ which was released in Poland in September 2015.  The film was released in the US in April 2016.


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