Rahaf Khatib


rahafRahaf Khatib was raised in America and runs marathons.  She hopes by wearing her hijab it will inspire others.  She was on the cover of Womens Running magazine in 2016.

Birthday: na

Nationality: USA


Born: Damascus, Syria

Famous for: Sports, Runner

Twitter: @rkh2002

Instagram: @runlikeahijabi



Rahaf Khatib was born in Damascus and came to the US when she was a young child.

She was raised in Dearborn and attended Wayne State University, where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Biology.  She married and moved to Farmington Hills and has three children.

Khatib’s son’s school had registered in the Martian Marathon held annually at the Ford Field Park in Dearborn. The school gym teacher persuaded her to participate in her first race.  From there Rahaf has participated in a number marathons including the Detroit Free Press Marathon and Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

She entered a nationwide contest to be featured on the cover of Runners World magazine in 2015 and made the final 11.  She noted that she hopes it portrays a positive image of Muslim women in America.  She lost out to Bobby Gill.

In September 2016 Rahaf Khtaib was the first sports woman wearing a hijab to be on the cover of US sports magazine by appearing on Womens Running magazine in the US.  This was after she reached out to the editorial staff and introduced them to her blog movement called runlikeahijabi.



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Runners World 2015


“I hope to move up to the top five,” Khatib told The Arab American News. “I want to focus my energy on this because never before has a woman in a hijab won or been featured on the cover of this magazine.”

“It’s your own thing,” she said. “Your pace is your own business, as they say in the running world. My ultimate goal in running a full marathon is to feel strong and happy.”

“I think it’s an underrepresented sport,” she said. “Maybe some think they can’t do it because they have to cover their body. I feel like wearing the hijab shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love to do.”