Saiki Reika


saiki reikaSaiki Reika is a model and member of Cheer♡1, a designated group of cheerleaders for pro wrestling league Wrestle-1.

Birthday19th May 1992


Famous for:  Model, Cheerleader

Instagram: @saikireika



Saiki Reika is a model and member of Cheer♡1, a designated group of cheerleaders for pro wrestling league Wrestle-1.

Saiki started body building whilst modelling and in 2015 her manager had been making some cursory efforts to keep her body-building under wraps, admitting that he’d even edited some of her promotional photos to tone done her muscle mass.

In 2016 Saiki revealed that she had been body building and on variety program Ariyoshi Hanseikai.


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[3] Weekly Playboy April 2016 [Photos by Saijo Akihito]