Sam Frost


samfrostSam Frost is an Australian TV star and radio host, famous for TV series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Birthday: August 28, 1993

Born: Victoria, Australia

Famous for:  TV Star

Twitter: @Sam_frost



Sam Frosts parents broke up when she was three years old.  Her mother had to look after Sam and her 3 siblings and worked two jobs to ensure she could look after her children.

Sam Frost was the winner of The Bachelor (Australia) in 2013.  The series revolved around a single Bachelor,  who in this series was Blake Garvey, and a pool of romantic interests.  In the Blake dated the female contestants and eliminated those he did not wish to have a permanent relationship with.  However in this case Blake Garvey rescinded the marriage offer to be with runner-up Louise Pillage after 5 weeks.

Sam Frost was brought back to TV to be the star of The Bachelorette Australia, a spin off for the series The Bachelor.  It flipped the male and female parts of the show and in this case had 14 male contestants vying for Sam Frosts hand in marriage.

At the start of the show Sam Frost was provided her profile of a Marketing Manager from Victoria, Australia.

In the final episode Frost chose to enter into a relationship with Sasha Mielczarek  The two are currently house hunting in Sydney and planning on traveling and marrying in the South Pacific.

Sam Frost landed a role co-hosting on 2DayFM radio show alongside Rove McManus.

In November 2015 Sam appeared on Maxim Australia’s magazine on the front cover.  She claimed that Maxim had used old photographs and had edited them to look new.

Sam has modelled for cosmetics brand Alpha Keri.


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PS: How happy are you right now?

Sam: Honestly, I feel over the moon! I feel like a massive weight’s lifted off my shoulders and finally I can just be free with my gorgeous man. How good’s life?

PS: How did you guys celebrate last night?

Sam: I had some of my closest friends in a hotel room, and he had some of his closest friends in another one. Our friends didn’t know the outcome, and then afterwards as soon as the finale ended, we ran downstairs and I just burst through his hotel door and we had a huge party. It was fun!

PS: So the people with you — they didn’t know who won?

Sam: They guessed it because they knew my personality, like of course you’re going to end up with him. He’s grounded, he’s funny, he takes the mickey out of himself . . . So they guessed it but I was like, “Oh, I don’t know who it is!” [Laughs] It was really good.

PS: Your first date away from the cameras, what was that like?

Sam: We actually were in a house and couldn’t leave it, so we woke up really early because we were so excited. We woke up at around 5:30 a.m., spent the whole day in our pyjamas, no makeup, so relaxed . . . We just drank wine, played board games and laughed all day . . . We had dinner, we loved it.

PS: Did it feel really different from when you were on The Bachelorette?

Sam: Absolutely! We were just so happy, he’s like my best mate. We are a little team. It’s amazing.

PS: We kind of knew it was Sasha from day one because we couldn’t get away from the fact that he made you feel so giddy. It was the funniest thing to watch! How hard was it to keep everyone guessing?

Sam: Sasha obviously made such an impression on me, and I loved that whole feeling. I love our story, it’s just amazing we’ve come so far. But in saying that, I certainly didn’t want to put the blinkers on and go, “Oh, this guy made me nervous, obviously he’s the one.” That would be foolish of me to have that mindset. I absolutely thought the guys’ time was as valuable as Sasha’s. I hadn’t made my decision, I certainly wasn’t narrow-minded, I think I would’ve shot myself in the foot if I’d let that happen. Towards the end it was quite tough, especially that last date with Michael. I’d realised I was madly in love with Sash, and it’s not nice. You’re essentially leading someone on . . . but Michael’s such a gentleman, he was so gracious.

PS: How gracious was he! 

Sam: Absolutely, he’s divine. I’m just really lucky he’s such a respectable guy.

PS: I read something over the course of the season, when you said you didn’t understand how Blake was confused, because you kind of knew all along. Was that taken out of context or is that still how you feel?

Sam: I absolutely can’t comprehend how he did get so confused. I didn’t know Sasha’s mind the whole time, but I knew where my feelings were, I knew who to let go. I never regretted a decision, I was never confused because I know myself and I know what I want. I still can’t comprehend it, but you know what, that’s in the past, so let’s just move on to good times all around.




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