Sanam Saeed


sanam saeedSanam Saeed is a model and actress who has appeared is a number of dramas on Pakistani and Indian TV.

Birthday30th November, 1985

BornUnited Kingdom

Famous for:  Actress, Model

Instagram: @sanammody



Sanem Saeed was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Karachi, Pakistan when she was 6 years of age in 1991.

She gained her O-Level qualifications from Bay View High School, and joined L’ecole for Advanced Studies for her A Levels.

Saeed started acting as a child and modelling when she was 16.  As a teenager she did not enjoy modelling as stated by various sources and focused on acting.

In 2001 Sanem starred on screen as a comedian and a TV host.   In 2010 she rose in popularity with the TV drama Daam.   She starred in TV series Talkhiyan and Zindagi Gulzar Hai in 2012 and Firaaq in 2014.

Salem Saeed also sings and has played in theater in several plays including Chicago, Mamma Mia! and Dhaani.  She was also a background singer in the third season of Coke Studio Pakistan, a popular music program.  She is currently starring in drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

She married Farhan Hassan on January 2, 2015.



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How did you start your career as model and actress?
I started modeling at the age of 17. I used to do theatres and still love doing it. I also worked as VJ and for the last five years I entered myself in acting career, I started acting from a sitcom on HUM TV also my first drama was Daam on ARY.

How do you manage to make your space in fashion industry?
I never tried very hard. I think there are two reason behind this, one is that my walk was good on ramp and second my height which is 5’9.

Which medium do you prefer working on the most, modelling, television or theatre?
I like doing theatre because there you have to act continuously, you don’t have to do retakes again and again. I feel good in doing theatre.

What factors contribute to your success?
The factor that contributes in my success is the support of my family, honesty and having a positive attitude.

What preference do you keep in mind when you sign a project?
Script, director, and producer.

Who is your inspiration?
My inspirations are Aamina Sheikh, Misha Shafi, Sarwat Gilani and many other contemporary stars from local industry and Hollywood.

Your drama serial ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ is on air. Tell us something about this drama and share your working experiences with Fawad Khan and other cast members?
Fawad is a very good actor, all team members were much supportive and I would say Sultana Apa is a person with great personality. In this drama serial there is a girl whose father left her mother because she gave him three daughters and no sons. She grows up to be an examplary student with complexes, who has major trust issues when it comes to men. She gets a scholarship to study at the country’s best business school and meets a boy named Zaroon, who falls head over heels in love with her. Zaroon will be relentless in trying to talk to her, but she sees him as just another flirt. She gives in to pressure and married Zaroon&nbsp; but her low self-esteem constantly comes in the way of her happiness, not allowing her to trust her husband’s love. Will her personality ruin her marriage or will she conquer her complexes there are the things you will watch in this serial.</div></div>

What has been your proudest moment so far?
When a lady reconsidered getting her 14 years old daughter married after she saw the first 4 episodes of ZGH. I felt proud to be part of a project that could have an impact like that on people.

What have you learned in this industry?
World is very tough, you should be confident in what you doing. You have to stand on your own no one helps you and shows you the way you have to do it by yourself.

What is the hardest part of doing what you do?
Keeping fans happy,getting pictures taken, trying to keep things private.

What would be your dream project?
One of my dramas serial ‘Talkhiyan’ is on air Express entertainment. That drama was my dream project. I loved working on that project.

Where do you see yourself in next ten years?
I see myself as a happily married girl with my family. I have a dream to open a school for disabled children. I would fulfill my dream in coming years.