Sara Prata

saraSara Prata
is a Portuguese actress who has starred in a number of TV drama’s since 2002.

Birthday9th August 1984


Famous for:  Model, Actress

Instagram: @_saraprata_

Twitter: @saraprata9

full name Sara Isabel Duarte Prata



Sara Isabel Duarte Prata was born on 9th of August in 1984.  Since childhood she has been playing tennis and been an athlete in trampolines and acrobatic gymnastics.  At the age of 14, she took psychometric tests and  proved her ability in Arts to qualify for the Cascais Professional Theatre School in Cascais.

In 2002, she appeared in the soap opera Lusitana Paixão.  In the coming years, she acted in several soap operas and most famously in Strawberries with Sugar between 2005 and 2007.

She continued with other projects such Crazy Love in 2012 and The Single Woman in 2015 to 2016.  She had a relationship with the actor Lourenço Ortigão who was also in the cast of The Single Woman after leaving singer Filipe Gonçalves.


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– Much has been written in the press about his alleged affair with the Lawrence …

Sara Silver – Do not talk about it.
– But you do not want to confirm or deny whether they are together?

– No…

– These rumors interfered in the professional relationship you have with the Lourenço, since they are working together on The Single Woman?

– These rumors are part of parallel world representation. I know my truth, which is alive and very special to keep it to myself. Therefore, I am not bothered by the rumors about me and Lawrence. Obviously, this did not affect our professional relationship. I love working with Lawrence.  We had already worked together and we are friends for a long time. He is a man I respect above all, and I know he has the same respect for me. It is true that we have a great friendship and it’s good to work on someone whom we can support and that has the same goals.

– Recently finished his relationship with Filipe Gonçalves. How is living this new phase?

– I do not want to talk about the end of my relationship with Philip. What I can say is go through a phase with many changes and I realized what the goals I want to achieve in a relationship. A couple must always be governed by the friendship that is, the stories lived. Special people remain within us. And my relationship with Philip was a very beautiful story.


– It is therefore a story that left no bitterness …

– Yes, they were not bitter.

– You feel that now is the time to be alone or is already prepared to have a new relationship?

– I believe in eternal love until the day it ends. When I’m in love, I throw myself head and really love. But when a relationship ends, I accept. Now, it’s time to be with others. I’m balanced and I feel good in my skin. And I want to enjoy this time.I want to achieve my dreams and goals. I believe in me and does not bother me to be alone.

– But I’d like to get married?

– I would like to get married, but the most estrambólicas ceremonies imaginable!

– Like for example?

– I would have to get married in the woods, a wild beach in a desert island to eat the heart of an animal in a crazy tribe or a jump from a mountain …

 You are a woman with many dreams unfulfilled?

– I long to be happy. I want to be a successful woman, leave my mark and I feel that way in this direction. In fact, I left home at 15 to be able to study representation.What I do is not a profession but a passion. I also liked to have a lot of children, but as I’m 30, I no longer have five children who always envisioned …

– And has many troubles?

– I have many! My 30 years being a time of many questions … Now everything is calmer, but I felt it just now stopped and really looked at what I was, I realized what I am and what I want to be. It was the first swing I made in my life and obviously there have been many troubles …

– Daniela, his character in A Single Woman is, like Sara, very emotional and spontaneous …

– Daniela is a lot … It’s a woman with her mouth close to the heart, is a claw woman, eager, but then life and the other characters constantly take her carpet. In Daniela could explore many realities. I walked the neighborhoods and had a very direct contact with people. She was also luxury escort and tried to explore this reality, but I realized it is a very closed universe with its own rules.

– Recently been recording in Angola. It was a trip worth remembering?

– Yes, because it was a unique experience! Angola has a very own heat … I received a hug of warmth and belonging and it was good to feel it by a country so different from ours. The most interesting was the contact I had with a much simpler reality.Here, not wanting to offend anyone, we are spoiled and complain a lot. Obviously, we are going through a difficult period, I also feel very close to me these difficulties, but we have so many other things … We have so many vegetables in a soup!