Sarah Habel


shSarah Habel is an actress helming from Michigan, USA.  Most notable for her role in Underemployed and due to star in the move Half Life.

Birthday30 July 1982

BornMichigan, USA

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @sarahhabel

Twitter: @sarahhabel

fullname Sarah Evelyn Habel



Sarah Evelyn Habel was raised in Michigan and gained a BA in Theater from Michigan State University. She gained acting experience on the stage in London and New York and performed with the Wild Swan Children’s Theater. She moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career whilst working as a waitress to get by, and she has gained a number of notable roles.

In 2009 Habel made her first debut in the movie Whip It.  In 2011 she played Kendra in the role of a sexy temptress in Hostel: Part III.

Her most notable role was as Daphne Glover in the TV series Underemployed which ran from 2012-2013.

In 2014 she starred in the TV series Rush.  She also starred in the emotional movie Warren.

In 2016 Sarah Habel is due to appear in the movie Half-Life, which is not based on the video game of the same name – trailer can be seen here.



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What were you like when you were 17?

I was really shy.  The only way I could express myself was through Choir and Drama because I was really nervous around other people.  Going to college really brought me out of my shell.  I learned through acting it was OK to be me.

Q: Underemployed is about five college grads who can’t wait to take “the real world” by storm—only to realize that in this economy, the real world kind of blows. Been there?

A:Absolutely. After you graduate college, there’s no structure. You step into the world without anyone telling you what to do, and it’s a huge shock. But that’s the whole point of it: You realize you can step forward and take control of your life. As an actor, there’s a lot of time I’m just hoping for the next job to come—I’m in a constant state of underemployment.

Q: We heard that when you first moved to LA and worked as a waitress, a woman changed her baby at the table and plopped the dirty diaper in your hand. How did you get through days that were literally, um, crappy?

A:You can’t let other people get you down. When you get through each day with your dignity intact, it’s kind of a personal triumph. But waitressing was one of the best things I ever did. I was really, really shy, but you just have to ask people if they want fries or salad. I learned how to deal with people on that level and how to earn their respect. I grew up a lot in those days.

Q: What else has being in your twenties taught you?

A:I’ve always been a paycheck-to-paycheck girl, but now I take some and put it aside. Especially in a field like acting, there’s going to be a time when you are not working and it can get scary, really down to the wire. So that’s something I’ve learned that I will continue to do. I just opened a savings account last week!

Q: Rumor has it that you decided to room with your co-stars, Michelle Ang and Inbar Lavi, when you filmed the first season of the show in Chicago. What was that like?

A:It was great to be with the girls! We all wear the same size shoe [so] when we’d go out for a night—living it up in Chicago—and someone wore the wrong shoes, there would be a relief person who would be like, ‘Take mine, I’ll wear yours…my feet don’t hurt.’ Team effort!

Q: We are majorly style-crushing on Daphne’s super-chic, professional outfits. Is her style similar to your own?

A:I’m a lot more casual—a jeans and sweater kind of girl. But I’m also 5’2″—a shrimpie. So if I’m comfortable in every other way and wearing six-inch platform booties, then that’s how I like it!

Q: Since this is Cosmo, we obviously have to ask you a sex question. Your character has a very racy hookup with her boss in the first episode. Give us the behind-the-scenes dish!

A: There was very little kissing involved, just a lot of faces pushed up against each other and arms flailing. It’s probably the most un-sexy scene I have ever shot. Sorry, guys


What was your worst job ever?   
I was in charge of taking before/after pictures of patients when they had procedures done at a plastic surgeon’s office.

What’s the biggest way you’ve ever screwed up on the job?  
One time I was baby sitting and I stepped outside just long enough for the little buggers to lock me out of the house. I blame the parents!

our most shameless moment while job seeking?    
My most shameless moment was surely at a commercial audition where I agreed to eat a taco in a bikini. It tasted like sadness.

In a job interview, you should never …
Show up with pink eye. No matter how impressive you are they won’t see past that conjunctivitis.