Sayaka Tomaru

sayaka tomaruSayaka Tomaru
 (都丸紗也華) is a singer and member of idol group FYT (Funky Yankee Teachers), movie star and model.

Birthday:  September 26, 1996

Born:  Gunma, Japan

Famous for:  Singer, Idol

Twitter:  @tmr_syk_

Instagram:  @tmrsyk

Also known as Tomarusha



Sayaka Tomaru appeared in the movie “Zekkyô gakkyû” in 2013, translated means Screaming Class,   a horror movie directed by Tetsuya Satô.

Sayaka is a singer in idol group FYT (Funky Yankee Teachers) which formed in 2014.  Other members are Matsukawa Nanaka, Kita Yuko, Agata Miria and Today Kyoka.

FYT (pronounced “fight”), is an idol group formed around the motif of beautiful teachers.  They released their single “Gakuen Jigoku (School Hell)” on December 17th 2014.  In the story, the members, re dressed as teachers who set out to bring order back to a rough school, grapple with students who rebel because they have no style.

They gained attention through their use of characteristic expressions from the manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in the lyrics of their previous song “Sekai no Hajimari (The Beginning of the World)”.

The group’s name, FYT, stands for Funky Yankee Teacher. The members are called “teachers,” their fans are called “students,” and their performances and events are called “classes.”  Tomaru’s character is called Lisa working Alexander Risa.

Sayaka has appeared in men’s magazines such as Weekly Playboy.


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