Shannon Petralito


shanShannon Petralito is a model, health and fitness expert and 2015 WBFF Pro World Figure Champion.

Birthday: n/a

BornTrenton, New Jersey, USA

Famous for:  Bodybuilder, health & fitness

Instagram:  @shannonpetralito



Shannon Petralito grew up between Trenton and Levittown, Pennsylvania after her parents divorced when she was 8 years old.

Shannon gained a Bachelor Of Science degree from the University Of Massachusetts Boston.

After the birth of her son, in 2004, exercise, health and fitness began to feature in her life with the aim to get into the best shape of her life and step out of her comfort zone.

Shannon Petralito’s desire to compete in bodybuilding began through her after paging through an Oxygen magazine in 2009.  She has had been training for five years and signed up for her first show.

Shannon started competing in the NPC.  The National Physique Committee is the premier amateur physique organization in the world.

She then competed for years in Fitness America winning Miss Figure Universe title in 2011 in Miami.  She then turned my attention to the WBFF and started training with heavier weights.

In 2015 she won the title of WBFF Pro World Figure Champion.


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How/when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?

I got started when I was in my mid twenties – I began to show a little interest in the gym when I was about 19. At that age I was mostly into cardio and knew nothing about weights – I was afraid of getting “big” and like so many girls that age wanted to look “skinny”.

It wasn’t until after having my son that I became very interested in getting into the best shape of my life and doing something out of my comfort zone so with just 9 short weeks to prepare under the guidance of two amazing people I decided to compete in my first figure competition. After that I was hooked! One thing led to another and I feel both fortunate and grateful for where this journey has led me! I love what I do and I love sharing my passion for the industry with others!

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

Well, just this past season I changed my entire way of thinking on this subject – I finally got it through my thick skull that for my body type and the look I was trying to achieve for me last show – steady state cardio on the recumbent bike was my best friend – especially during the last few weeks of my prep when I was doing split cardio sessions one of them being fasted state cardio – ughh!

I stuck with mostly lower impact during the final 6 weeks of my prep – I believe it kept me better conditioned as far as my legs were concerned. Less pounding on the joints I believe was better for my body in general.

Before this season I was heavily into sprinting and plyo-metric training. Don’t get me wrong, these are great and they have there time and place dependent upon your current goals. For example, now that show time is over I have incorporated some Tabata’s back into my routine as well as some Plyo’s and Stepmill Intervals.