Sheridyn Fisher

Sheridyn FisherSheridyn Fisher 
is a model, actress and successful business entrepreneur.  Designer of her own Swimwear Label “Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear” and star of horror movie Boar in 2016.

Birthday: June 6, 1986

Born:  Sydney, Australia


Famous for:  Model, Actress

Instagram: @sheridynfisher

Twitter: @sheridynfisher



Sheridyn grew up around the New South Wales beaches of Australia.  As a child she was always acting, putting on plays and making her own movies with her younger brother Nick.

At the age 15, Sheridyn Fisher was approached in Sydney about modelling.  She ended up trying it out and then entered into some model search competitions.

In 2010 she entered into a model competition for Bras N Things to become the Face of Playboy Swim.  She won and is now the international Brand Ambassador.

The same year she won a trip to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles where Hugh Heffner was smitten with her and asked her to stay.   She stayed there, back and forth from Australia, for about five years and was the only girl from Australia who did this without having to pose for the magazine.

She also became the ambassador of the Mafia 2 video game because of its link to Playboy.

in 2010 she won “Young Australian of the Year” for inspiring young women to have passion and courage to follow their own dreams.

She has launched her own Swimwear Label Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear and runs a model agency called Vixen Management with her partner Emily.

Sheridyn is starring alongside Wolf Creek’s John Jarret and Ernie Dingo in the Australia Horror film “Boar” in 2016.

She has over 4 million followers on her social pages.


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What do you enjoy about modeling? Being a Gemini I enjoy the freedom it gives me to be doing something different all the time. I am always looking for the next adventure as I find it hard to sit still. I love the places it takes me and the amazing people I meet and work with. I would have not left the Central Coast if it wasn’t for modelling. So this has really allowed me to see Australia and the World and do amazing things that are just so different. I used to dream about what I do now as a child. I have always put in a lot of hard work, time and effort to get where I am now so its been a very rewarding journey.

The past 10 years of your career have been a whirlwind. What are the highlights?
It has truly been a very amazing journey with ups and downs, but I have worked very hard in every aspect of what I do. I am not only a model but an actress, designer, makeup artist, photographer, editor, art director and run my own photo studio, Swan Productions, and swimwear line Sheridyn Swim. I am a hard working business woman! I have had so many amazing highlights. Being involved with so many incredible companies  I model for, where I travel and promote things close to my heart like animal welfare. It is just amazing.

Maxim January 2015

When do you feel sexy?  Sexy is best when effortless and not forced.  I always feel sexiest at home when I can let my hair down, were something cute, and just be relaxed.



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