Sherine Tan

Sherine Tan Sui HuaSherine Tan
is a pageant model from Malaysia, having just won Divine FHM Models in 2015 has shot to fame and gained popularity.

Birthday:  ?

Born:  Penang, Malaysia

Famous for:  Model

also known as Sherine Tan Sui Ha



Sherine Tan Sui Ha obtained a first class honours in the Accounting and Finance degree programme in 2011. In her speech, she expressed her thanks to the academic staff for pushing them in the classrooms and for also being surrogate parents providing emotional support and moral guidance.

Sherine Tan Sui Hua was crowned Miss Global International Malaysia 2012 (MGIM 2012 beauty pageant) at the Grand Ballroom of Eastwood Velly Golf and Country Club.

She won the pageant for Miss Divine FHM 2015 Singapore and also won two subsidiary awards (Miss Curvaceous and Miss Body Fit).

She has a day job as an auditor.


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FHM Singapore August 2015

Has anything changed since the finals?  More photographers have approached me with job offers, but I’m still considering, seeing as I’m quite busy with work.

How did your colleagues react to the news? They congratulated me and were quite proud of me. Some of them also asked which issue of the magazine I’ll be appearing in and requested for me to autograph their copies.

How did you celebrate your win?  All of FHM Models finalists actually intended to celebrate together after the event, but since all our own friends came down to support us, we had to entertain them. I ended up going for supper with my friends who were at the party.

Did you have a very indulgent meal for supper that night?  Yes because I’ve been dieting throughout the competition and eating nothing but salad for two  weeks leading up to the finals. I ended up eating pizza, chicken wings and fries that night.

What was it like wearing a bikini in a club?  The bikini was fine, but the lingerie was another thing. But everything happened so fast that night; I didn’t even have time to process any of it. Before you knew it, everything was over — all three catwalk segments were done. I remember we were saying we wished we could rewind it and maybe do it better.

What would you have wanted to improve?  I’d like to do the catwalk again and strike more poses, so I can have more pictures

Has your Inbox been flooded with messages since you won?  It’s been flooded since the Top 10 “reveal” showcase at Bugis Junction. I’ve been getting messages from people wishing me all the best, and also people asking if I’m available to do photo shoots.

Did you receive any weird messages?  Some guy asked if I could give him my used socks so he could sell them for $70. I showed it to the other girls in our FHM Models group chat and we had a laugh about it. That was probably the weirdest message I’ve received.

Have you spoken to the other contestants since the finals?  We just hung out last week at a beach party. All the girls in the top 10 are so nice, and we really bonded and encouraged each other. We even went for hot yoga together as a group to keep fit for the competition. We all have different personalities but were brought together because of this competition. It was a good experience for us and we’re still close friends.

Are there any causes you’re hoping to support with your title?  I really like children and wouldn’t mind campaigning for a children-related cause. During my first pageant (Miss Global International), we visited orphanages and did volunteer work in East Malaysia. That was a good experience.

What’s something about you not many people know?  I love dancing! Other than that, I’m quite “transparent” and what you see is what you get.

Is there another FHM Models winner whose career you’d like to emulate?  I know the past winners and participants have gone on to do really cool things like acting and becoming MMA ring girls, but I’ll like to create my own legacy. I think I’ll start with modelling first. I’m quite camera shy but it’s time to overcome that, especially now that I’m more exposed to photo shoots.

What sends you to cloud nine?  Good food, good ambience and good friends — I love to surround myself with positive energy.



[5] FHM Singapore August 2015 (photos by Ealbert Ho)