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Sibylla Deen is an Australian born model and actress.  She has starred in the movie Lies We Tell and TV series Tut and Tyrant.

Birthday: November 12th, 1982

BornSydney, Australia

Famous for:  Actress

Twitter:  @sibylladeen



Sibylla Deen was born and raised in Sydney, Australia with a English and Pakistani heritage. From a young age, Sibylla showed a keen interest in acting. She began her professional acting studies at age 12 traveling to the US, China and New Zealand to perform in on stage.

She made her acting debut in 2003 in the Australian soap opera ‘Home And Away’.  

Sibylla was awarded the IMTA (International Model & Talent Association) Actor of the Year Award in New York in 2009.  Past winners included Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame, Katie Holmes and Ashton Kutcher.  In winning the award Sibyl was offered a 3 episode guest spot on Gossip Girl and an opportunity to appear in an upcoming Bollywood film.

Sibylla Deen was announced as Forever New’s ambassador in 2010.   As the first official ambassador for Forever New Sibylla featured in the Forever New Winter 2010 campaign and appeared as a guest of Forever New at the 2010 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) in March.

Sibylla spent several years modeling before landing major roles in two TV series: the FX drama ‘Tyrant’ from 2014 playing the role of Nusrat Al Fayeed and ‘Tut’ as Queen Ankhe which made its debut in July 2015.

Sibylla starred in the movie Lies We Tell alongside Harvey Keitel and Gabriel Byrne in 2016.


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To start off, can you tell us what drew you to “Tut”?

When I first read the screenplay, it was the most awesome thing. The story was just extraordinary and everything just came to life on the page. I even cried at certain parts. There are real people in there, their burden and what they are fighting for. And the women are written so fantastically. I was like, “I have to do this. It will be incredible.”

Your character, Ankhe, is Tut’s wife but she’s also his sister. What was it like to play such a strange relationship?

It actually never felt strange, believe it or not. It was like if you have friends or even a boyfriend who become more like family. I think they had a love that was undeniable, but it wasn’t sexual in nature or chemical in nature. They’ve grown up together and endured the same hardships and the same trauma. They have the same toughness and the same duty. But both of them go on to find love with other people.

I think it separates that relationship because you see both Tut and Ankhe have a chemical, more normal, relationship with other people. Their relationship is really brother and sister, but unfortunately, it’s their duty to produce an heir. We were very careful in the way that it was portrayed. But it’s unusual, that’s for sure.

What was it like working with Avan Jogia on set?

I adore him. We’re very, very similar. He’s the best, he’s awesome, I love him.

You’re the Queen, so you have some of the most beautiful costumes. 

I do! I have one, I’ll never forget it, it’s this cape, and it’s white, and it was made with all these hand-sewn feathers. Carlo brought it to my trailer and said, “Can you try this on?” and I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful it was.

I had over 50 costumes. We started with just a few dresses to get the look and feel, because we decided that Ancient Egyptians, their dresses often had a lot of flesh showing so we wanted to make them sexy and skin-revealing but in a demure, regal sense. We did that first, then Carlo would just come to me with costumes. And I loved everything. I would choose my jewelry, there was a snake ring that I wore. It was definitely a collaboration, but it was first and foremost his genius.

Did you get to take any of your costumes home?

I love clothes and I love design and I make my own things that I can. I had some things I wanted to make and Carlo very sweetly gave me fabric. We’d pull a few things together. And I took some jewelry. He made everything from hand, so it was so beautiful.

What did you make with the fabric?

I made this little shift dress with the feather material that I loved, that my white cape was made of. They had it in orange, so I made a little dress out of it. I was like a kid in a candy store.

Do you have any big plans for the air date?

I’m actually going to be in Budapest! We’re still shooting “Tyrant.” But I’ll be watching it, somehow, at home!