Sonnalli Seygall

Sonnalli Seygall
Sonnalli Seygall is a popular Indian Bollywood actress.  Well known for her role in ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’.

Birthday: May 1st,

Born:  Bhubaneshwar, India

Famous for:  Actress

Twitter: @sonnalliseygall

Instagram: @sonnalliseygall



Sonnalli Seagull was brought up in Kolkata and attended South Point High School and St Thomas Girls School.   She started participating in beauty pageants at a very young age. She won the Pantene Teen Queen India and worldwide at the age of 15.  She became a ramp model with aspirations of being Miss India and moved to Delhi.   Then in 2006, she won the crown of Miss India International and represented India at the Miss International pageant. She was among the top 12 finalists in the international platform.

Sonnalli started appearing in TV commercials. She was spotted by director Luv Ranjan in the Xylo ad and asked her to audition for ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’ which she debuted in 2011.

She has appeared in theatre with the British Council and with an English theatre group called Theatreisans in Mumbai.

Sonnalli starred in  ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2′after a 4 year gap, and a new move called ‘Wedding Pullav’ both releasing on the same day (16th October 2015).   She was recently seen in an advertisement with Salman Khan for Thums-Up.

Sonnalli currently resides in Mumbai.


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FHM India Nov 2015

FHM: That’s a curious way to spell your name. What perks come attached with the added L’s?

Sonnalli Seygall: Hahaha… for that you’ll have to ask my mom. My mother believes in numerology. So, one day I come home and she’s like from today your name is Sonnalli Seygall! It was that simple for her (laughs).

It’s just the girls who’ve made a comeback in the sequel of Pyaar ka Punchnama. Why this injustice to men?

The director genuinely feels, let me be honest about it, that devils never change (giggles). That’s why he retained the female cast. As far as injustice is concerned, I think Pyaar ka Punchnama is far, far, far from injustice to men. As a woman I think it’s more about generalising women and doing injustice towards them, though the film says otherwise. But I’m not complaining because how often does a newcomer get a casting in a sequel? So, in my shoes, I’m happy!

How come there’s been a gap of four years between your first film and the next?

Pyaar ka Punchnama was a big hit. Some people called it a cult, but as an actor I don’t have any qualms in admitting that I don’t think I cashed on its success as much. I went back to Kolkata to finish my studies, as I was in graduation at that point. I came back but wasn’t proactive or aggressive about it; I would go and meet people and audition whenever I was called for. But they would only offer me parts that were glamorous and sexy, which I’d love to do otherwise, but they were all very similar to my character in PKP. So, I kinda wanted to stay away from that in my very next film.

And still you chose to do the second part of PKP?

That’s exactly why I did it. Four years and my character is completely opposite to the previous one, like north and south. I was glamorous and confident in the first
part, but in the sequel I’ve played a simple, not- so-confident girl from Delhi who’s a little more desi. This got me totally excited. Also in these four years I’ve really prepped myself up. I got trained in Kathak, belly dancing, Jazz and few more styles.

How would you sum up your personality in a few words?

I often get to hear that I can very easily have a great time partying, enjoying all the silly things and, at the same time, be mature and very spiritual. I think I have two deep sides that are very extreme. I’ve been through some really tough times in my life, but I like to see the positive side. I’m a strong, independent woman and life makes me very happy.

Is there any semblance of you with your film’s character?

I hardly relate with my character in PKP2, but there are a few things that I probably do. Supriya is under confident and scared of her parents, a bit timid
at home and aggressive outside. So, that was tougher for me to do. But the only thing common with the character is that she gives in whole heartedly in love.

Most men wonder about what hot models do when they’re not working. What’s your answer?

I think most hot models keep doing things to keep them hot! I would spend most of the time at home. Because in modelling and acting you’re constantly out, travelling, wearing make-up in those high heels. It’s a luxury to just sit at home, throw your feet up, wear no make-up, put on your loose clothes and just watch some films and chill. And at night they party a lot (winks). It’s fun to chill the whole day and then let your hair down and party.

If you had to take on a character’s personality from a Hollywood film, which one would you pick? Why?
I’ve always been very fascinated by most of Woody Allen’s work. One film that I love is Vicky Cristina Barcelona and I love all the characters in it (too much love?). But my favourite is Cristina. She is so free spirited, so much fun, so sexual, yet is such a nice human being. She’s just very different, someone who is capable of
giving so much love. And Scarlett Johansson, who played it, is so beautiful, I love her.

Talking of dates… are you dating someone right now?

Bore alert!!! No, I’m not dating anyone. In fact this is the longest I’ve ever been single. And it’s all got to do with my work because I was shooting for two movies back to back and both my co-stars have girlfriends (laughs).

If you had to ask a guy out at a party, how would you approach him?
This one’s a little tricky because if I like a guy I would actually not ask him out because I don’t do that. But I’ll approach him in some way and twist the things in a way that he ends up asking me out and I’ll say yes, of course. That’s rarely happened with me that I’ve liked a guy and he hasn’t approached me. But yeah, I’ll first see who his friends are and whom he is talking to and then I’ll try talking to him. Then probably give him a nice hint that I like him and that he better ask me out. Well they do that. So yeah, yayyy!



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