Souheila Yacoub

Souheila Yacoub was a professional Rhythmic Gymnast and is now an actress who recently starred in Climax directed by Gaspar Noé.

Birthday: June 29th, 1992

Born: Geneva, Switzerland

Famous for: Gymnast, Actress




Souheila Yacoub grew up in Chêne-Bourg in Geneva with her older sister Ines and her Flemish mother Viviane.  Her father is from Tunisian descent.

For more than 6 years, Souheila Yacoub was part of the Swiss national rhythmic gymnastics team.  At the age of 15 she was ordered by her Bulgarian coach to join and become and an elite sports person at the Federal Sport Office of Macolin where she was subjected to weight control daily.   She stopped studying at 17 to take up Rhythmic Gymnastics professionally however dropped out in 2012 when Switzerland did not qualify for the London Olympics.  

She entered Miss Suise Romande in 2012, an annual beauty contest, when prompted by her older sister.  She went on to win the contest.

She went on to study at Cours Florent, a French theater school created in 1967 by François Florent.  She also joined the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art.

In 2016 Souheila starred in an episode of Plus Belle la Vie, a French TV show.  Also in 2016 she starred in Theatre in the show Athletes by Laurent Natrella and then All Birds (2017) by Wajdi Mouawad.

In 2018 she starred in French comedy The Hungry.  She also starred in Climax (2018) directed by Gaspar Noé notable for its self-mutilation and orgiastic sex.


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