Takaki Yuumi


yuumiTakaki Yuumi (髙木悠未) is a Japanese idol and singer, member of group LinQ.

Birthday: May 7, 1997

Nationality: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Famous for: Singer, Idol, Model

Twitter: @yuumi_takaki

also known as Takagi Yumi, Takaki Yumi



Takaki Yuumi (髙木悠未) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県) a prefecture of Japan located on Kyūshū Island.

Yuumi is a member of LinQ a Japanese idol girl group since April 2011. Their name stands for “Love in Qushu”, in reference to their hometown of Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu.  It is a fairly large group with close to 30 members with ages that range from 14 to 30 as well.  Takaki is the shortest member of the group.

As well as singing she has made short appearances on TV in horror anime Kowabon appearance and LoGiRL (TV Asahi).


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LinQ 5九州女view 髙木悠未


Q. Please tell us about your personality and character!

Positive !
And, luck-puser, whimsy, cat like!

Where is the Q. charm point?  

Stature is 145㎝, so small

Q. Please tell me if there is a place which is said to be strange (where you think your own).

If you went to buy a souvenir of Fukuoka in Fukuoka of people were said to be strange.
But privately, a result that went to various places in your work, noticed that it was thought that the No. 1 delicious that souvenir of Fukuoka Prefecture, went bought in …… !! Ttoiu think you also want to eat their own but, I was told that it is strange ….

Q. In the music of LinQ, is your favorite song? (Reason)

“LaLaLa ~ Lady ver. ~”
Cute unrequited love, I song that depicts a little sad, all is said and done well as the tempo feeling, I’m irresistibly like.
Choi To love …… or say an adult tempo !!

Q. Please tell me your dreams and the final goal!

That Tteyuu “do hard for people”, I think I and be nice are made in life.
And yet, have send a nice life, injuries, without the illness, I think I be great when you are live longer than 95 years of age.


Fukuoka is your hometown and the home of LinQ as well. What would you say is the charm of Fukuoka?

It really has a lot! For me, Fukuoka is in the top three cities in Japan. Nationally, Fukuoka’s presence is huge. The charm of Fukuoka is its delicious food. In Nakasu-Kawabata you can find all sorts of hidden-away shops and places where adults can go to have fun, and a short distance from the city is beautiful natural surrounds and nice, clean air. More than anything it would have to be Hakata-ben(the Hakata dialect), though.

What are some Hakata-ben words that you want people to learn when they come to Fukuoka?

One phrase would be, “Ima nan shiyōto?” Which means ‘What’s up? What are you doing?’ It’s something I would definitely say to a friend if I ran into them in Tenjin our somewhere around central Fukuoka. Also words like “~shitai chan” (~shitai!) (I want to ~~) and “~shitai chakedo” (~shitaikedo) (I want to ~~ but ~~). We add “cha” to things and end sentences with “to” a lot.

Walking around the city you can see that Fukuoka attracts a lot of foreign visitors.

It does. I guess it’s because you can get to anywhere in Kyushu from Fukuoka and also because in the city you can find just about anything. The best thing is our delicious food, though!

Your work with LinQ takes you to Tokyo quite often but how does Tokyo differ to Fukuoka? 

The sashimi tastes completely different. And people don’t usually say hello when they walk by you, even in the rural parts of Tokyo. Nobody really does that in Tenjin in Fukuoka either, but if you go out of Tenjin it’s the done thing to greet people you happen to pass by on your way. The biggest surprise for me, though, was the elevators. In Tokyo, everyone forms these perfect lines. In Fukuoka, even if there’s a line we still let people in from the side, but in Tokyo you have to be properly lined up or they won’t let you in. Sorry to all the Tokyo people if I sound a bit harsh (lol).