Tara Basro

tbTara Basro
is a Indonesian model and movie star, who starred in the film A Copy of My Mind which screened in the Venice and Toronto film festivals.

Birthday11th June 1990

Born: Indonesia


Famous for:  Model, Actress

Instagram:  @tarabasro

real name Andi Mutiara Pertini Basro



Tara Basro, born Andi Mutiara Pertini Basro, was born in Indonesia.  Her father worked as an airline executive and Tara spent most of her life moving around and living in far locations such Paris, Beijing and Hong Kong.  She settled in Perth, Australia where she studied and graduated from university.  

Her modelling career began when she started entering modelling competitions, posing for magazines and auditioning for commercials.

She edged her way into acting in 2005 after participating in a modelling competition organised by Gadis, a teenage magazine.

She returned to Indonesia and started auditioning for roles and won a part in the film Catatan (Harian) si Boy which was released in 2011.

In 2012 Tara appeared in an omnibus horror movie Hi5teria.  In 2014 she starred in Killers, a thriller cooperatioIndonesia and Japan .  

Tara was awarded Best Main Actress in the Indonesian Film Festival 2015 with her lead role of Sari in A Copy of My Mind. The had been screened at the Venice Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Busan International Film Festival.


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Tara said she was lucky she could play a part in Joko Anwar’€™s A Copy of My Mind.She said that she had always wanted to work with him but had never had the chance to do so until this film.

‘€œI’€™ve always wanted to work with him. I worked with him once on a short film and I’€™ve always wanted to do feature film with him. Moreover, you can never say no when Joko asks you,’€ she said, laughing.

But it was the story itself that made her so eager to be a part of the film.

Tara said she wanted to participate in a film that could significantly affect society, so when Joko offered her a part in his project to make a time capsule of the nation, she immediately agreed.

‘€œWhen I knew that the story was set during the presidential election period, I wanted to be a part of that crucial moment,’€ she said.

Her decision to take part was a good one and it later allowed her to learn a lot about the film industry.

‘€œThis film has given me a lot of surprises. The nomination and the chance to travel overseas to attend international film festivals were both eye-opening experiences,’€ Tara said.


Did you know?

guilty pleasure – French fries!

pet peeve – I like everything to be hygienic. I hate it when people don’t wash their hands.

people would be surprised to know – That I take public transport.

celebrity role model – Léa Seydoux, the French girl in Blue is the Warmest Color.

Favorite place i’ve lived – Makassar. I was there during my junior high school days. I guess because it’s different from Jakarta. In Makassar I could hang out at home with my friends and play at the beach. It’s something you don’t get here.



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