Yam Concepcion

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Yam Concepcion is Filipina film and television actress known for her roles in the erotic thriller movie Rigodon.  

Birthday:  May 27, 1989

Born: Philippines

Famous for:  Actress, Model

Instagram: @yam_concepcion

real name Lorraine May Concepcion


Yam Conception’s real name is Lorraine May Concepcion.

Yam graduated at high school Assumption College in Makati City.   She attained a degree in Multimedia Arts at College of Saint Benilde (De La Salle).

At 23 Yam was the drummer of the underground rock band “Ursa Minor”.  Viva talent scouts saw her in the music video for the band Mayonnaise (which served as her screen test) and promptly signed her up.

She rose to fame on the 2013 daytime television series “Dugong Buhay”.

In 2012 she starred in the movie Rigodon famous for it’s explicit sex scenes. Yam plays Sarah, a girl abandoned by her boyfriend after her domineering father threatened him. She meets Riki (John James), a former teen star who hosts a TV-shopping show who brings her to his home, only for Sarah to discover that he has a wife (played by Max). They become a ménage a trois,thus the movie’s title.

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“I want to be known as someone who takes off her clothes but who can act.”

That’s the bold declaration of Yam Concepcion (she resembles Anjanette Abayari, Andi Eigenmann and Lovi Poe, doesn’t she?) who is being launched to stardom in Viva Films and Reality Films’ Rigodon,directed by Erik Matti and also starring John James Uy and Max Eigenmann, opening nationwide on Wednesday, Nov. 21. Rigodon is said to be bolder than Scorpio Nights 2 (the original was Peque Gallaga’s), Matti’s 1999 sex drama starring Joyce Jimenez and Albert Martinez.

What is sexy to her?
“Sexy is being creative.”

When does she feel sexy?
“I feel sexy when I paint and when I play the ukulele.”

What part of her body does she find sexiest?
“My chin.”

What part of a guy’s body does she find sexiest?
“The shoulders.”

Sexiest book?
“Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Sexiest movie?
“Match Point.”

Sexiest musical instrument?
“Electric guitar.”

Sexiest song?
“Skinny Love by Bon Iver.”

Sexiest TV show?

Sexiest food?
“Fresh strawberries dipped in Nutela.”

Sexiest car?

Sexiest perfume?
“Any masculine scent or laundry scent.”

Sexiest time of day?
“Any time is sexy time, hahahaha!”

Sexiest part of the house?

Sexiest animal?
“My long-coat Chihuahua.”

Sexiest billboard?
“All Georgina Wilson billboards.”

Sexiest scene she has seen in a movie?
“The one of Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in Black Swan.”

Sexiest scene she has ever done?
“The first love scene we shot in Rigodon.”

Sexiest thing she has ever done to herself?
 “The FHM pictorial.”

Sexiest thing she has ever done to or with somebody?
“Cooked someone the perfect breakfast.”

Sexiest fantasy?
“Having a Wicker Park love story in real life.

Sexiest clothes?
“White spaghetti strap. Anything white is sexy.”

Sexiest concert?
“Smashing Pumpkins.”

Sexiest face (of a man)?
“Part of a man’s body? His nose!”

Three men that she finds sexy?
“Josh Hartnett, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.”

FHM Philippines Sept 2015

What’s the weirdest place a fan has stopped you for a photo-op? 
Recently I went to New York for a vacation. I was there for a week, then after I went to Washington DC to watch the Foo Fighters’ concert. Dream kong panoorin sila nang live at natupad na yun...

Dave Grohl came up to you!
Ha ha, no! While I was walking around Brooklyn Bridge, may Pinoy na lumapit. Sabi niya, “Artista ka di ba? Ikaw si Yam!” So parang, naks, yabang ko! Ha ha! Ang sarap ng pakiramdam. I don’t think it’s weird but it’s quite surprising because even in another country nakikilala na rin ako.

We’d have believed you if you said the Foo Fighters frontman did recognise you, you know...
Aaarrgh!  But were you able to meet the man? Hindi ko siya na-meet kasi he had a broken leg because of their European tour. So yung pinaka-last concert nila hindi na niya tinuloy. After ng European leg nila, ang first concert nila ulit was Washington DC, which was their 20th-anniversary blowout. So 20 years as a band and it was Fourth of July nung tumugtog sila. Sobrang big event siya in the States.

We’re sure it would be a hit if you tried being a one-man band here as well. You play the drums and sing and do the ukulele. Should be easy! 
Ah no, kasi it’s my brother who writes the songs. 

Ha ha! I wish I had his talent. A lot can happen in three years, but obviously you haven’t lost an ounce of hotness. How hard is it to strike the balance between rock ’n’ roll and a rocking bod?

Actually, I gained weight pa nga eh kasi galing ako sa bakasyon. So medyo may laman ako nang kaunti. But in order for me to lose weight, I go to the gym. It’s important that I do cardio, boxing, everything, to sweat it all out. It’s not for vanity’s sake. It’s more to feel healthy and energized. Kasi pag okay yung condition ng katawan mo, makakapagtrabaho ka for long hours.

But you rarely post gym selfies and workout videos, if at all. Yes, we are complaining.
I don’t want to show off naman what I’m doing. And sometimes, it’s my time alone when I go to the gym. It’s not to show people na, “Yeah, this is my workout. I’m so hot!” Ha ha! Hindi ako ganun.


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